Were the bishops and religious leaders who attended the CPA vice president unveiling event hired?

It has been a fun time in the Nigerian political atmosphere. Lots of permutations, calculations, moves, campaigns, moves and manipulations of political parties and political gladiators in an effort to win the 2023 presidential elections.

On Wednesday, July 20, there was the official unveiling of His Excellency Kashim Shettima, the former Governor of Borno State, as the running mate and vice-presidential aspirant of APC Presidential Flag Bearer, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Due to the fact that the presidential candidate is a Muslim and the proposed vice-president is also a Muslim, this Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket has received a lot of opposition, mainly from the Christain group, because the Christain religious leaders have called on their religious followers to boycott the party and have nothing to do with the party and never vote for the APC in the next elections.

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Conspiracy theorists have even called the Muslim-Muslim ticket decision a ploy to Islamize Nigeria and force Christians and other religious groups to become Muslims.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the umbrella body for Christians in Nigeria, did not fail to openly oppose this choice of a Muslim-Muslim ticket and voiced its opposition to the decision in power of the All Progressive Congress ruling for the 2023 election.

For this reason, the Christian community has decided to boycott the ruling party and does not want to be associated with the party in any form and has made it known that it will not be at the official unveiling ceremony of the vice president.

All of the progressive Congress being political manipulators that they are known for decided to hire mercenaries and impostors to attend the ceremony in others to make it appear that some Christian religious leaders supported the Muslim-Muslim ticket and to counter the initial position of the leadership of the Christain Association of Nigeria (CAN) that no Christian leader will support this decision and to give Christian voters a false impression that Bola Tinubu’s decision to choose a Muslim northerner as his running mate for the elections elections of 2023 meant good for the country despite strong criticism from the Christian community and opinion leaders in the country.

The calculation and decision to hire mercenaries and imposters to appear as bishops and religious leaders failed miserably when photos of the so-called Christian bishops and leaders started circulating online and some people were able to identify the imposters claiming to be church leaders; one of the ‘bishops’ was identified as a mechanic by his boss, one was also identified as a street urchin and the whole plan met his Waterloo when some of the hired bishops started protesting the money they were paid to dress as bishops and attending the ceremony was not the amount originally promised when they were hired to do the job.

One of the impostors, who identified himself to Peoples Gazette as Joseph Odaudu, said the Bola Tinubu representatives who hired them initially promised to pay them 100,000 naira for the job just for the expenses. be reduced by 60% once they have completed the work.

“They came to meet us at the parking lot behind Eagle Square and they promised to give me 100,000 naira. They bought us food and took us to another place where they gave us clothes to dress as Christian leaders and reverend fathers,” Mr. Odaudu told The Gazette shortly after the event in Abuja. Wednesday. “But after we finished they only gave me N40,000 and another person said they only got N30,000. I don’t know why they changed our deal because they said that they had 100,000 naira for us”.

This is to show the desperation and how far the ruling party can go in their games and manipulations to win the 2023 election. We can all sit back and enjoy the drama as events unfold.

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