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In this week Tower History section, we will collect relevant, historical or humorous excerpts from all previous editions of Towers 99 years of existence. Compiled weekly by Tower Staff.

99 years of Tower can be read here.

14 years ago; October 26, 2007; Flight. 86, number 9

  • That day, 14 years ago, a student at the Catholic University of America contracted MRSA. The information came from a editorial written by a student pleading with the University to better communicate with the student, especially in matters of health.

22 years ago; October 22, 1999; Flight. 78, number 6

  • a item was written to explain the age of the CUA STEP program; STEP stands for Student Registration by Telephone. It was planned to start the transition to a new registration process via an administrative IT network. If the STEP program did not meet the standards of a growing applicant population, then students would start registering and dropping out exclusively online courses!

46 years ago; October 17, 1975; Flight. 54, number 6

  • The National Handgun Ban Coalition marched on Capitol Hill to call attention to victims of handgun violence, citing statistics that show that from 1963 to 1973 more people died at gunpoint in the United States only during the Vietnam War.

78 years ago; October 22, 1943; Flight. 19, number 1

  • The new editorial committee of the Tower is announced, the whole committee being composed of only 9 men.

91 years ago; October 22, 1930; Flight. 9, number 4

In this edition, a student wrote on the new fencing classes being established at the AUC; the lessons were taught by esteemed fencing teacher Prof Lanzilli. 2 classes per week cost $ 8.00 per month.

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