The rise of anti-Catholic hatred shows us the future of the battle against abortion

Since the fall of Deer, Life Defenders celebrated a number of significant victories, but there were also setbacks. Unfortunately, the Dobbs The move galvanized the militant fringe of the pro-abortion movement, and soon after the initial opinion leak, Catholic churches fell foul.

In America, it is unacceptable for the free practice of your religion to result in targeted persecution. It’s even worse because the recent anti-Catholic hatred, much like the vigilante
attacks on other Christian and pro-life organizations
went largely unanswered.

Fortunately, a group of 20 House Republicans feel the same way. Last month they wrote a
to Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice asking the organization to respond to the estimate
anti-Catholic hate crimes in
Conditions that have occurred in the past two years.

With this violence, pro-abortion extremists have revealed their true colors: they vehemently – and in some cases, violently – oppose practicing or adhering to religion.

For life advocates, the battle over abortion has always been the preservation of innocent life. But it is becoming increasingly clear that it is also about exercising our divine right to religious freedom.

This battle was
ongoing since 1973

Roe vs. Wade
decision, albeit in a more subtle way. The federal government has a well-documented history of discrimination against Catholic organizations in particular, largely because of their religious commitments.

This war has always been waged through complex attacks on conscience rights, rather than firebombs or graffiti. For example, the government
funding revoked
from a Catholic human trafficking assistance program because of its refusal to provide abortion services. The Obama administration
compel Catholic hospitals to offer abortions and gender transition surgeries.

It also happens at lower levels: a hospital in Vermont
a nurse he employed to perform an abortion, despite his explicit moral objections to the procedure. the state of california
to force local churches to provide coverage for abortion services in their health care plans.

The list of transgressions is long, serious and growing rapidly. That’s because restricting religious freedom is critical to the success of America’s abortion industry. If you are religious, or run a religious organization or business, your very existence is an offense to pro-abortion activists.

It is also true that complex and well-developed Christian infrastructures, such as the network of hospitals and ministries administered by the Catholic Church in America, pose one of the greatest threats to federally protected universal abortions. If the pro-abortion movement wants to secure complete victory, it to have to find a way to abolish or replace
conscience rights

That’s why an important new front on the pro-life battlefield revolves around freedom of religion. We no longer just work to save innocent lives; we work to defend our First Amendment rights.

The stakes in the pro-life struggle have always been high, and we must rally together even now that deer was overthrown. Some of our most important work remains, and ignorance or indifference at such a critical time in our history could result not only in the continued loss of unborn children, but also in the serious and permanent impairment of the rights that God gave us.

We cannot ignore violence or hostility against any of our allies in the defense of life. If we do, we are abandoning the principles on which our exceptional nation was founded.

Timothy Head is Executive Director of the
Faith and Freedom Coalition

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