The Catholic Church’s donation system records the loss

Pope Francis (left) arrives to lead an audience with pilgrims from Slovakia at the Paul VI hall in Vatican City on April 30, 2022 – AFP

VATICAN, June 16 (ANSA) – Óbolo de São Pedro, the Catholic Church’s fundraising system, recorded its first revenue growth since 2015, but ended 2021 with a loss of 18.4 million euros , or the equivalent of 97 million reais at the current price.

According to the balance sheet published by the Vatican, Apollo raised 46.9 million euros last year (compared to 44.1 million in 2020), of which 44.5 million came from donations and 2.5 million from financial and other expenses activities.

The expenses amounted to 65.3 million euros and the deficit of 18.4 million was covered by the resources of the patrimony of the Holy See.

Most of the donations (65.3%) came from Catholic dioceses around the world, while 22% came from transfers made by foundations.

Only 9% of donations were made directly by individuals and 3.7% via religious denominations. The United States remains the main source of commitment funds with 29.3% of the total, followed by Italy (11.3%), Germany (5.2%), South Korea ( 3.2%) and France (2.7%).

Peter Opole is at the center of a Vatican trial in which powerful Cardinal Angelo Piccio stands as a defendant, accused of using donation money to finance the takeover of a building in London while he was “No. 2” in the State Secretariat, Korea’s main department.

These funds are generally used for charitable purposes, not for real estate investments in the Holy See, but Becciu denies the accusation. (Ansa).

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