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One of the glories of the Catholic faith is its sheer simplicity and simple purity. And that is all that is required of us: purity of heart and an absolute desire for Heaven. Purity and simplicity have in common the notion of clarity. Everything we need to know in the Catholic Church is very clear.

Purity and simplicity are linked to clarity. For example, the teaching on the Blessed Sacrament, the Real Presence, is just that. Jesus Christ is really, truly, and substantially present—body, blood, soul, and divinity—under the guise of bread and wine.

Simple fact not means not deep. But it means clear. You can’t get much simpler than that. And don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not clear because something is shrouded in mystery. The “how” or the “why” or even the “what” of something does not detract from its simplicity or purity.

The Host, which looks and tastes like bread, is Jesus Christ pure and simple. The same goes for the teaching of the Church that if a person is to be saved, he must not die in a state of mortal sin. He must die in a state of grace, that is, of sanctifying grace, having the Holy Trinity living and dwelling in him.

Everything we need to know in the Catholic Church is very clear.

This too is a teaching pure and simple. Leave this life without the habitation of the Holy Trinity, and a person will remain in this state forever, without end – this is Hell. At death, the soul experiences an illumination of reality, of the truth that what really mattered was its condition before God.

God does not know a soul without Himself present in that soul at the time of death. He himself attests to this in the Gospels when he says very clearly to those who knock at the door to enter: “Go away, I tell you. I do not know you.

God is life. A person who dies in mortal sin has a lifeless soul, the required spirituality of the Holy Trinity. If someone dies in this state, then their soul is forever sealed in this state. It’s like a team that loses a game because it has fewer points than its opponent when the shot goes off.

This loss is forever sealed, locked and unchangeable. Competition is irreplaceable. Loss will forever remain as a sign of failure to achieve the goal of victory. So many people struggle with the concept of eternal damnation, but salvation and damnation are pure and simple concepts.

It’s a very simple and pure concept, and it’s extremely simple. Reject God and His commandments of love in this life and a person is forever sealed in that condition of rejection of God. Likewise, if one lives a life of desire to cling to God in this life by following the commandments of love, then that choice is ratified for eternity.

The Son of God commanded that a person be baptized, eat his body, and drink his blood. He then pointed out that if you don’t do this then you have no life in you. So how could a soul who leaves this life without the life of God suddenly attain the life of God after death? The moment to choose is on this side of death, not the next. It’s plain and simple.

A soul must leave this life in a state of grace, with the life of God within. And the surest way to do this is as a baptized recipient of Holy Communion, who has no conscious knowledge of mortal sin upon his soul. Anything else for a rational and not invincibly ignorant person is an extreme gamble and, more than likely, a losing proposition.

The line from the psalms is the most instructive here: “The deep calls to the deep.” When we stand before Almighty God, what He seeks from us is the image of Himself. Insofar as we imagine Him, then the deep appeals to the deep, and the deep responds and goes to the deep – like things to love things.

But when God calls the soul before Him to judgment and that soul is spiritually dead – in a state of mortal sin – then there is nothing deep within that soul to answer. Here we have two things which are not alike, and as such the soul with death flees from the God of life and prefers the torments of eternal loss to the still greater torments of being in a state of constant death surrounded by life.

That is why Church members and leaders should never stray from the truth—from its purity, simplicity, and clarity. Faith is simple because it flows from and returns to God, who is simple in Himself. Faith is pure because God is one. Faith is blinding in its clarity because God is too.

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Faith is simple because it flows from and returns to God, who is simple in Himself.

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