Pacelli Holds 9/11 Prayer Service – ABC 6 News

(ABC 6 News) – As we enter September, many are remembering one of the most memorable and tragic days in US history: 9/11.

It’s hard to think that 21 years have passed since that dark day in history.

And for many students, many of them weren’t even born yet. On Friday morning, Pacelli Catholic Schools in Austin held a memorial and prayer service, to honor all those who fell on that tragic day.

“I remember exactly where I was, as many people would have that morning. And it impacted my life, I didn’t realize how moved I would be at this event this prayer service and to bring this to the children, we can never forget our story. If we forget our history, we have no way to move forward in a better way,” said Father Jim Steffes.

Students and many members of the community gathered on the school lawn to learn more about the significance of this day.

“They know it must be important, because we do something like that. It’s not happening for Pearl Harbor, it’s not happening for the War of 1812, obviously that’s important. And I think the scale and the gravity and the physicality of what we are doing here today will show the children that this is important and that we better be careful today, ”said Nick McGrath, teacher of social studies at Pacelli.

The lawn was filled with 2,977 flags – one for each life lost in the 9/11 tragedy.

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