Norwin plans to cap tax hike at 4.4%

Norwin homeowners are unlikely to experience a property tax hike greater than 4.4% for the 2022-2023 school year.

The school board discussed this week approving a resolution to cap any property taxes it may implement for the next school year at the state-determined level of 4.4%.

If the resolution is approved, the district will not be allowed to seek voter approval to raise its property taxes above the Act 1 inflation index. Law 1, passed in 2006 to grant a property tax relief, sets a tax cap for school districts to cover normal inflationary costs while maintaining a balanced budget without exceeding the index number.

The resolution, if approved at the January 17 board meeting, would not require administrators to approve a property tax increase for the next school year.

The board must act by Jan. 27 to either approve a resolution not to raise taxes above the index or post a preliminary budget, said Ryan Kirsch, chief financial officer. Schools must approve a final budget by June 30.

Norwin operates on an $ 80.5 million budget that held property taxes in 84.8 factories in the Westmoreland County section of the district – North Huntingdon, Irwin and North Irwin. A 4.4% increase in mileage would raise the tax rate from 3.73 vintages, to 88.53 vintages, said Superintendent Jeff Taylor.

Norwin gets the revenue generated by 83.6 mills, as 1.2 mills are allocated to the Norwin Public Library, which was approved by referendum.

In the part of the Allegheny district, which only covers about 18 properties in White Oak and South Versailles, the tax rate is 12.72 vintages. This mileage rate reflects real estate valuation differences for Allegheny and Westmoreland counties.

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