No conditions for elections in Nicaragua, according to Catholic Church



The cathedral of the Catholic Church in Managua, Nicaragua. Photo:

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HAVANA TIMES – The Committee for Peace and Justice of the Catholic Church in Managua on Tuesday denounced the imprisonment by the Ortega government of opposition leaders as well as the lack of conditions for truly democratic elections in the country.

The committee also denounces the threats, crimes and harassment suffered by the Catholic Church and its pastors.

“The political events that have taken place in the country in recent months have generated feelings of frustration, helplessness and pain among the population. The election year saw the incarceration of presidential and vice-presidential candidates, as well as political leaders, activists and journalists. In addition, there have been threats against our Catholic Church, offenses against its priests and bishops, restrictions on residence visas for foreign priests, harassment of lay parishioners and other illegal and intimidating actions ”, indicates- he in the message.

The press release emphasizes that with these incarcerations, the population is prevented from expressing its sympathy for a certain candidate in the November 7 elections.

“The Nicaraguan people, who have the right to choose between different political options, are thus prevented from expressing their preference by voting in the November elections to elect the highest authorities in the country, because opposition candidates have been excluded from voting. force the race by depriving them of their freedom and taking away their rights as citizens. The electoral process which should be a civic celebration is lived in fear and uncertainty because there are no conditions for a democratic vote ”, declared the Peace and Justice Committee.

Nicaraguan migration

The Catholic Church also says it feels hurt by the “new wave of Nicaraguan migration, mainly of young people, who are forced to leave due to insecurity, unemployment” and “uncertainty over the future of the country, among other reasons “.

Between June and July 2021 alone, a total of 10,077 Nicaraguans sought refuge with Costa Rican immigration authorities, according to official data.

Since the onset of the socio-political crisis in April 2018, some 100,000 Nicaraguans had already left the country, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

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