Mary Coughlan attempted suicide after ‘horrific’ childhood abuse by 3 family members



Mary Coughlan has opened up about her suicide attempts after being abused by three family members.

The Galway singer has revealed she doesn’t want to go through with her Holy Communion after being abused by her grandfather.

She says she tried to hurt herself so as not to have to undergo the religious ceremony.

Speaking to Joe Duffy on RTE’s The Meaning of Life, Mary explained, “I wasn’t safe. I was abused before my first communion.

“I was not raped. These were other forms of abuse that we don’t have to go into, but it’s pretty horrible, involves my grandfather and two other family members.

The legendary singer shares that the day before her communion, she knew she didn’t want to do it but didn’t understand why.

“Everyone was really excited. My mother made me that beautiful dress, and the veil and stuff on my head and the little bag and so forth.

“I just felt like, I don’t know why I wasn’t excited”

Mary explained that she tried to hurt herself before the religious ceremony: “I tried to hurt myself in the bath so that they took me to the hospital.

“So I slipped and kept banging my hand against the side of the cast iron tub to break my wrist so that I didn’t have to take Holy Communion.”

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The 65-year-old says she blamed her parents for not realizing she was being abused, but now thinks differently: But I blamed them for not keeping me safe or not knowing . “

She spoke to Joe, a former social worker, about the signs she showed as a child that might have alerted someone to the abuse: “I often think that if someone, if me or you were a social worker, if you had looked at some of the play behaviors I did with my dolls. I used to stick crayons on it in a really cruel way.

“I was just deeply, deeply unhappy. I was just a troubled child. I had been in the mental institution in Ballinasloe, when I was 16, I did a very bad job trying to kill myself.

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Mary’s father told her that she was “forbidden” to see her then boyfriend because he thought he was a “bad influence”.

She remembered her boyfriend tapping on her window one night with a record as she recounted the night she tried to kill herself: “I went up to the bathroom and found myself in the bathroom. hospital.

“My dad carried me in blankets and took me to the hospital, put me in the back of the car and there was blood everywhere, you know.”

When she recovered in the hospital, the nurses told her that if she tried “something like this again”, they would call the guards.

After many years of therapy, Mary now realizes what led to her suicide attempt: “Alcoholism and drug addiction are just the end result of something that may have been traumatized or of deep unhappiness. and discomfort in your life.

Le Sens de la vie is on RTE One at 10:30 pm this evening.


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