Like father, like son as Max dons his father’s Holy Communion jacket 40 years later

Kids today are much more fashion conscious than their predecessors, much more able to choose their own outfits and decide what they like and dislike. This extends to those making their First Communion; Where once children were stuck in uncomfortable and unpopular costumes, they are now decked out in the clothes of their choice, looking their best on their big day.

When Max Kenny’s big day arrived at St Peter and Paul’s Church in Kilanerin on Saturday, there was one garment that was guaranteed to be in every photo. First worn on a similar day some 40 years ago, Max received his Holy Communion wearing the exact same jacket his father Martin had worn all those years ago. Additionally, Max is the second of Martin’s sons to wear the jacket in recent years, following in the footsteps of his older brother Ben.

“In 2016 I bought Ben his suit for his communion and everything was done and dusted by the time he had his jacket on and he was ready to go,” mum Helena explained. “But then Martin arrived one evening with a jacket he had found at home. Ben tried it on, and after a while he said, “I think I want to wear dad’s jacket for my first communion,” and that’s really how it went. We told him it was up to him, but he wanted to wear it, then when Max came to do his communion he decided he wanted to wear it too.

Hidden away in a wardrobe for 40 years, Helena says the jacket remains in “impeccable condition” and is a testament to the craftsmanship of yesteryear. Plus, it went perfectly with Max’s costume for the day.

“There was no indication he didn’t want to wear it, he thought it was amazing, we made it very clear he didn’t have to wear it but he was pretty sure he wanted to. We had chosen a blue suit for him so it went really well with it, they both loved wearing it,” Helena said.

Although there are no more sons in the family and there are no plans for more according to Helena, she said she would like to see it passed on to the next generation when the time comes. “It would be nice to think it could be passed on to another generation, I’m going to dry clean it and keep it safe just in case.”

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