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Katherine at World Youth Day in 2016, where she first met missionaries Verbum Dei, a Catholic fraternity of priests, consecrated religious and lay people. PHOTO: Provided

The first-time author is familiar with the scriptures

St Joseph’s Moorebank parishioner Katherine Webb took advantage of the confinement to share her love for Jesus and her passion for poetry.

The 32-year-old flight attendant may be grounded due to the pandemic, but her first self-published book of spiritual poems is cleared for take off, with the first 50 copies selling in the first two weeks .

he’s coming soon is a self-published collection of poems influenced by Katherine’s Catholic faith and her personal experience of prayer while meditating on the scriptures as a lay member of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fellowship.

Designed as a gift book to give to others, it is based on Katherine’s love for the Eucharist and her conviction that Jesus always comes to a person who seeks him, especially in Holy Communion, that Saint John Paul He described it as the “source and summit” of our Catholic faith.

Katherine’s career has taken her to over 30 countries and she has seen more arrivals and departures than she can count, but she is convinced that the most important arrival to look forward to is that of the Lord in the heart of someone who has tried to prepare to receive it.

She wrote most of the book’s poems during personal prayer time at the weekly Verbum Dei meetings throughout 2017, after first meeting Verbum Dei missionaries as a World Youth Day pilgrim. the previous year.

“That year I learned to pray with the Word of God,” she said. “They teach you to recognize how God speaks to you through the Word and for me he spoke a lot through poetry and I responded through poetry. [so the poems reflect] a kind of dialogue with him.

Katherine Webb. PHOTO: Provided

She says her favorite scripture is difficult to choose, but it could be taken from the Gospel of Matthew 6:34: “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own problem.

Katherine has been writing poetry since she was 13 and said she was shocked people were responding to the book so well. She already has in mind her second collection of prayer poems, on the theme of trust in God. “Growing up, I always had a very personal relationship with God, but never [realised I could] with Jesus and I learned to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, ”she said.

“Anyone can have this personal experience with Jesus, who is God, the only thing they have to do is recognize how he speaks to them. For me, it’s through poetry, but how does it speak to you personally is something people have to find out for themselves.

he’s coming soon is available here.



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