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Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Antoine Kambanda on Wednesday September 29 among the members of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

Founded in 1588, the group is the papal congregation responsible for all ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical university institutes of the Roman Catholic Church.

Kambanda was officially created a cardinal in November 2020, three years after his installation as Archbishop of Kigali.

Before his appointment in Kigali, he was head of the diocese of Kibungo (Eastern Province) since 2010.

Commenting on his appointment, the 63-year-old welcomed his appointment and said that from the start education has been the mission of the Catholic Church.

“In Africa, when the missionaries founded a church, they made sure to build a school as well, which is a testament to the fact that education has been the mission of the Catholic Church,” he said.

Highlighting his contribution, Cardinal Kambanda noted that despite modern technological advances, moral values ​​should also be placed at the heart of the Catholic education system.

“Modern education is mainly attributed to technological advancements, but moral values ​​are also fundamental, which is why Catholic education should also focus on the issue, because science without conscience will get us nowhere”, a- he added.

In his journey, Kambanda has been confronted with several roles in the education system.

After his priestly ordination in 1990, he became for three years professor and prefect at the minor seminary of Ndera.

In 1999, after obtaining his doctorate at the Alphonsian Academy in Rome, he became professor of moral theology at the Major Seminary of Nyakibanda and spiritual director at the Major Seminary of Rutongo.

Cardinal Kambanda was then appointed rector of the major philosophical seminary of Kabgayi in 2005 and became rector of the seminary of Nyakibanda the following year.

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