Can the Indian Church also hope for change as the Pope appoints women to the Vatican panel?

“The Pope says the Church chooses bishops with women,” says Paolo Rodari, Vatican expert for the Italian daily The Republic. “Even in the most macho niches of the church, his message will resonate.”

He has.

In India, Sr. Dorothy Fernandes of the group Religious for Justice, which fights in particular for gender issues, told this columnist: “The prophetic position taken by Pope Francis is encouraging, especially for religious women who address patriarchy in the world. ‘Church. In the light of Franco Mullakkal [alleged rape of a Nun] case, it is an invitation for the men of the Church, especially the hierarchy, to follow the path of Francis.”

Referring particularly to the Jalandhar case in which the cleric was found not guilty by a trial court, Sr Dorothy said: “Unfortunately the Rites, the patriarchy with its abuse of money, political and ecclesiastical power , shows the ugly face of the Church.Instead of taking an objective stance, KBC Kerala seems to be scared as if there are too many skeletons in the closet.

The senior nun said, “It would be a great act if Church leaders could work across borders and work for reconciliation. There are enough women in India, religious and lay, who would like to work on reconciliation panels. This would truly be synodality – walking together and listening to one another – the true following of Pope Francis as Jesus entrusted it to us.

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