CAN president calls for justice for victims of religious intolerance –

CAN president calls for justice for those who lost their lives to religious intolerance

A group of Christian worshipers in Ibadan staged a peaceful protest demanding that the perpetrators of the alleged murder of Deborah Yakubu in Sokoto State be brought to justice. =197715&action=edit#

They also demand justice for other Nigerians who have lost their lives due to religious intolerance.

Protesters occupying the premises of the Oritamefa Baptist Church in Ibadan carried placards of various inscriptions demanding that justice be done accordingly to Deborah and those who were killed unjustly php?post=197715&action=edit#

Speaking to reporters at the protest, Christian Association of Nigeria President Olasupo Ayokunle said the federal government should allow the supremacy of the constitution as no religious group should be allowed to make laws between his hands.

According to him, there must be justice for those whose lives have been unduly interrupted and whose dreams persist.

He urged Christians across the country to maintain peaceful coexistence with each other, regardless of their religious affiliations.

The Christian Association of Nigeria demonstration was called to protest against the recent spate of attacks and killings by a mob in the northern part of the country following alleged cases of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The initial concern was raised after the gruesome lynching and burning of Deborah Emmanuel, a student at Sheu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto by a mob of fellow students who accused her of insulting the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Police have arrested two suspects in the murder and also declared a number of others who they believe are the main wanted suspects, a situation which appears to have angered extremists who have sparked a wave of violent protests on Sokoto leading to the imposition of a 24-hour curfew and its relaxation to a dusk-to-dawn curfew.

The latest was the attack in Bauchi for alleged blasphemy by another young woman which led to the destruction of churches and the injury of a pastor while the alleged target escaped.

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