Archdiocesan COO describes listening, learning and prioritizing after first three months

In his first three months as the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis’ first director of operations, Bill Lentsch said he spent a lot of time listening and learning.

This included meeting with pastors and other parish leaders, board members, key benefactors, partners such as the Catholic Community Foundation and the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation, and learning about what members of the archdiocesan staff think. These meetings helped him to understand some of the history and the challenges, he said, to “understand the things that we are doing well here at the Archdiocesan Catholic Center and throughout the Archdiocese, and to give me a good idea of ​​the terrain, ”while understanding the processes and responsibilities of individuals.

Bill lentch

The St. Paul native and Assumption member in St. Paul retired on June 30 as executive vice president and director of customer experience for Delta Airlines. He recently joined Practicing Catholic host Patrick Conley to take stock of his first three months in his new role.

Lentsch said his work so far had informed him as he worked with and in support of Archbishop Bernard Hebda, and in support of all parishes in the Archdiocese, to develop a strategic plan and vision more consistent long term for the Archdiocese, then run that plan. “So it took a lot of listening and a lot of learning to really understand where this organization was and where it needs to go,” he said.

Asked about the concerns, Lentsch described an opportunity to improve or speed up decision making, whether within the Archdiocesan Catholic Center of St. Paul or in support of parishes; a need to identify whether limited resources are being focused on the right priorities; and a need for strong lines of communication between archdiocesan staff and with parishes, “paving the way for good, healthy, two-way conversation, rather than just monologue.”

Lentsch said he had also learned from people across the Archdiocese about how “incredibly passionate” they are about their mission and how committed individuals are to God’s work by doing what they can for the sake of it. serve others and bring more people into the Catholic faith “and ultimately save souls.

At the end of the interview, Lentsch said listeners could send a concern they’d like to raise with him to his email address, [email protected].

“I want to hear what the members of this wonderful community are thinking and do what I can to serve directly or with the support of my team,” he said.

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